Friday, March 21, 2008

Power Of Gamer's Mind

OCZ company, known for power units and high-quality RAM, just recently announced mass production of OCZ Neural Impulse Activator. This device is able to analyze state of mind of player.

Gadget substantially reduces time needed to issue some commands like shooting or carrying out difficult combos using principle of exclusion of "spine > hand > button" chain. Though this device still cannot allow fully mental control of PC, and it cannot emulate functions of mouse for mouselook or moving of cursor purposes.

OCZ Neural Impulse Activator corresponds a band with sensors and signal processing unit. Firstly intended price was $300+ but now company decided to lower it to about $149.

Rival device by Emotive will have wider functionality (analyzing user's face expression, for example) and will cost $300 to customer.

Both are expected to be available by the end of 2008.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

iPod Goes into the Space Again

You can see interesting thing looking at hi-res photo of the shuttle Endeavour. One of the International Space Station's cameras caught shuttle's viewport with iPod visible through it.

iPod in the space on the shuttle Endeavour photo, that noted this fact, decided to reveal all iPod's space adventures, that's what they say:

  • When the unmanned Jules Verne spacecraft launched earlier this month for its historic docking with the ISS, it took along several commemorative items, including an iPod containing a special list of songs chosen by the winner of a 2007 contest.
  • STS crew member Leland Melvin went to the ISS last month aboard Space Shuttle Atlantis, and he took along an iPod pre-loaded with his favorite Christina McBride album and a few songs he'd composed on the piano.
  • For Charlie Hobaugh's flight last year, he let his kids load his iPod for him. (Wow, that's trusting -- he could have spent the 13-day mission listening to Alvin & the Chipmunks).

By the way, astronauts can't bring iPod on the International Space Station board because it hasn't special certificate.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Do You Want To Have Your Own Universe?

If you want to broadcast your messages to the whole world you can be builder of My PC Universe(or any another blog of MyUniverseRing). We are waiting for your contribution.

Contact us:my universe ring email       


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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

NPX and Mango team up for Mango Research Magic 380 portable GPS unit

by Paul Miller

NPX's swGPS tech isn't just for making photo location tagging easier, it's also powering Mango's 380 portable navigation unit, claiming to provide better performance and accuracy through software location processing, eliminating the traditional GPS baseband processing chip. Otherwise, the 380 sounds pretty traditional, with a Samsung touchscreen, stereo audio and an optional external RDS/TMC module for real-time traffic and data services. Supposedly the swGPS tech allows the unit to be slimmer than your average device, but we don't have the dimensions on hand to confirm that. No word on price or availability either, but Mango was showing this off at CeBIT, so it shouldn't be too far off.


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Monday, February 26, 2007

Minibot - friend of pain haters

Minibot - friend of pain haters

Researchers from Ritsumeikan University and the Shiga University of Medical Science have successfully developed a miniature robot prototype that can be freely controlled when inserted into a patient's body through an incision. This extremely tiny robot will be able to perform medical treatment or capture images of affected areas without causing any discomfort to the patient. This minibot is encased in plastic and measures a mere 2cm in length and 1cm in diameter. It can be controlled by applying an external magnetic field near the patient. Hopefully the minibot will soon be advanced enough to perform treatment within the body in order to prevent the need for any surgery.


For the pig in everyone-the Piggy Vacuum

Feel the need to flaunt your pig-like traits? Now you can buy a vacuum that declares it to the world. It’s a little handheld vacuum shaped like a pig and powered by batteries. This means if you were brave enough you could carry this in your car.

Oinker Vacuum

My sister has this thing for pigs, I’ve never understood it, but she has pig everything. I generally try not to ask because it makes her happy and anything that can make a 13 year old happy is a friggin miracle. Odds are at some point she is going to find this and add it to her already massive collection, I guess if it makes her clean her room more my Mom would be ecstatic.

Personally, I think the only people who should own one of these are very young girls. It you are above the age of 20 it’s just not right. If you would in fact like to make a girlie in your life happy these only cost $16.


Pantech PX-500 EVDO Card

Pantech PX-500 EVDO Card

Real road warriors know that Wi-Fi’s coverage can’t be relied upon for professional purposes. The Pantech PX-500 is a PCMCIA card that can connect your laptop to Sprint’s 3G network and let you access your emails and data in a much wider area when compared to WiFi.

Once plugged, the card will stick out from your laptop by 1.2 inches. It’s not a lot, but I certainly recommend removing the card when packing your computer in its bag. At the end of the card, the antenna can be raised up to get a better signal, but in our tests, we saw no difference on reception.

The software is very easy to install and should not take more than 5 minutes. A connection icon will appear on Windows’s desktop and a simple click on the “Go” button will connect the user to Sprint’s network.

Let’s go to the crunchy part: performance. When Sprint’s EV-DO (3G) network is available, the connection gets a (real-life) speed* of 480 kbps downstream and 115kbps upstream. It feels like the basic DSL speeds that we were getting on DSL a few years ago, except that the latency is quite high: 330ms with the EV-DO connection, compared to 33ms with DSL. That translates into a less “reactive” browsing experience. Even though WiFi is much faster, I don’t think that it can be relied upon at the moment. EV-DO’s coverage is much wider and the Pantech PX-500 will get you online anywhere a Sprint wireless signal is available.


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