Friday, March 21, 2008

Power Of Gamer's Mind

OCZ company, known for power units and high-quality RAM, just recently announced mass production of OCZ Neural Impulse Activator. This device is able to analyze state of mind of player.

Gadget substantially reduces time needed to issue some commands like shooting or carrying out difficult combos using principle of exclusion of "spine > hand > button" chain. Though this device still cannot allow fully mental control of PC, and it cannot emulate functions of mouse for mouselook or moving of cursor purposes.

OCZ Neural Impulse Activator corresponds a band with sensors and signal processing unit. Firstly intended price was $300+ but now company decided to lower it to about $149.

Rival device by Emotive will have wider functionality (analyzing user's face expression, for example) and will cost $300 to customer.

Both are expected to be available by the end of 2008.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

iPod Goes into the Space Again

You can see interesting thing looking at hi-res photo of the shuttle Endeavour. One of the International Space Station's cameras caught shuttle's viewport with iPod visible through it.

iPod in the space on the shuttle Endeavour photo, that noted this fact, decided to reveal all iPod's space adventures, that's what they say:

  • When the unmanned Jules Verne spacecraft launched earlier this month for its historic docking with the ISS, it took along several commemorative items, including an iPod containing a special list of songs chosen by the winner of a 2007 contest.
  • STS crew member Leland Melvin went to the ISS last month aboard Space Shuttle Atlantis, and he took along an iPod pre-loaded with his favorite Christina McBride album and a few songs he'd composed on the piano.
  • For Charlie Hobaugh's flight last year, he let his kids load his iPod for him. (Wow, that's trusting -- he could have spent the 13-day mission listening to Alvin & the Chipmunks).

By the way, astronauts can't bring iPod on the International Space Station board because it hasn't special certificate.

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